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Our Team

The attorneys of Walker Lambe, PLLC don’t work alone. Our attorney team is backed by a talented and dedicated support staff who assist with many of the day-to-day tasks at the firm. It is thanks to their efforts that our attorneys have the time and resources to examine the details of each and every situation and provide every client with the personal attention they deserve.

Some law firms will claim that paralegals and legal assistants hurt customer service. At our firm, nothing could be farther than the truth. The attorney you hire will be your primary contact and resource, but you will also have an entire team of knowledgeable and skilled legal professionals who handle administrative matters, document preparation, and more. Our clients feel more confident knowing that an entire team is working tirelessly on their file.


Marie Toler

Kayla Watkins
Administrative Assistant

Billie J. Stevenson
Billing & Database Administrator

Legal Support Staff

Renee Boston
Elder Law Project Manager

Kaye Hare, NCCP
Paralegal – Estate Administration

Lisa Debo
Legal Assistant to Shirley Diefenbach and Stephen Rhudy

Michelle White
Legal Assistant in Johnston County

Michelle Nguyen
Legal Assistant to Jennifer Dalman

Kimberly D. Sain
Legal Assistant to Rupe Gill

Aaron Decker
Legal Assistant to Edwin Jack Walker, Jr.

Real People. Real Results.

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  • “Professional, Personable, Timely, Tailored”


  • “Extremely reliable and responsible.”

    Ariel and Angelica

  • “[Shirley] proved to be a careful listener and eventually produced a document that was thorough and beyond our expectations”

    Virginia W.

  • “Having someone nice locally to ask questions feels great :-)”

    Ken H.

  • “[Jennifer] is knowledgeable and patient...”

    Linda R.

  • “Excellent. The best!”


  • “Good, professional work”

    James K.

  • “Excellent Service/Knowledgeable Staff”


  • “We couldn't have made a better decision.”

    Charles D.

  • “Thorough and comprehensible attention to revising my estate documents.”

    Joseph J.

  • “Trust and Expertise with Walker Lambe.”


  • “Thank you”

    Virginia R.

  • “Jennifer is flexible and so easy to work with.”

    Leisa D.

  • “I highly recommend them for Estate Planning matters.”

    Vinny S.

  • “Excellent, personalized, top-notch service.”

    Shruti T.