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Walker Lambe’s Special Needs attorneys have daily experience with the issues that matter to individuals with disabilities, our attorneys can advise you about:

  • Qualifying and applying for public benefits, such as the Medicaid, North Carolina Special Assistance and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Programs;
  • Availability for Alternative Programs, such as the PACE program and ABLE Accounts;
  • Guardianships and alternatives to Guardianship, such as Powers of Attorney;
  • Special Needs Trusts/Supplemental Needs Trust

Walker Lambe’s Special Needs attorneys can also offer legal guidance to Trustees that serve for Special/Supplemental Needs Trusts as well as financial planners, personal injury attorneys and family law practitioners who serve individuals with disabilities and their families; our attorneys can offer counsel about:

  • Whether or not a Special Needs Trust should be created to hold settlement funds;
  • Assist with structured settlements for disabled individuals;
  • Assist family law attorneys craft child support agreements for children with special needs as to preserve their public benefits;
  • Assist Trustees navigate the world of Special Needs Trusts so that government aid is not compromised;

If you need assistance with planning for disability or special needs, contact Walker Lambe, PLLC today at (919) 493-8411.

What Is a Special Needs Trust?

A Special Needs Trust enables a disabled beneficiary to receive assets from the Trust to supplement their needs while not compromising essential needs-based government benefits. There is a variety of Special Needs Trusts. For example, some are specifically designed to receive assets that belong to the disabled beneficiary (First Party Special Needs Trust) and others are established to receive inherited assets (Third Party Special Needs Trust).

The attorneys at Walker Lambe can assist you in evaluating the options and establishing a Special Needs Trust that works for your specific situation. Call us today to find out more.

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You should not have to worry about what would happen to a loved one with special needs if you were no longer able to take care of them. There are several legal resources available to help you plan for many contingencies. Contact Walker Lambe, PLLC today to learn more.

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