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Nonprofit Organization Attorneys

Legal Advice for Starting a Nonprofit

Nonprofit businesses have unique legal needs and challenges that should only be handled by an experienced attorney. At Walker Lambe, PLLC, our lawyers have worked with several nonprofit organizations in Durham and throughout North Carolina. We can anticipate the legal challenges your organization will face and make sure you are prepared so that nothing interferes with your mission and productivity.

Nonprofit entities we’ve worked with include:

  • Charitable foundations
  • Nonprofit arts
  • Educational and healthcare organizations
  • Employee benefits and profit-sharing plans
  • Charitable trusts

    Our team can help you establish a nonprofit entity and continue representation for your organization and its governing board.

    Call us today at (919) 493-8411 for knowledgeable counsel regarding nonprofit organizations.

    How to Start a Nonprofit Organization in North Carolina

    Nonprofits are usually formed for charitable, religious, educational, or scientific purposes, which grants them eligibility for tax exemptions. The steps for creating a nonprofit organization are not all that different from creating a typical business:

    • Name a director or team of directors to lead the organization
    • Create a unique name for the organization
    • Create bylaws that comply with North Carolina law
    • File your articles of organization, which should include your nonprofit’s name, the organization’s address, the name of the incorporators, and other administrative information
    • Organize the first meeting of you board of directors
    • Set up an organizational system to record and store important documents

    Our legal team can help you establish your nonprofit organization so that you understand your liability concerns and tax exemption eligibility. If you hire our firm, we will guide you through every step of the process.

    Building a Better Community

    In addition to legal experience working with nonprofits, Walker Lambe also understands the importance of nonprofit organizations to our community. Many of our attorneys and staff members are active volunteers in the community as participants in local community charitable work.

    Your nonprofit will undoubtedly run into complex situations as it moves forward on its mission.

    Our Durham lawyers are here to help you face these challenges head one. Call us today at (919) 493-8411.

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