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As our clients age, they are faced with a new set of issues and legal challenges. The dedicated team at Walker Lambe, PLLC proudly provides comprehensive elder law services for individuals and families throughout North Carolina.

With more than 35 years of experience, our Durham elder law attorneys are equipped to handle a variety of situations and craft a plan that best suits each client's needs. We remain up to date on new laws and regulations that govern elder law and Medicaid issues so that we can effectively advocate for the rights of our senior clients. In addition, we can address the legal needs that any spouses, children, or other family members may have.

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Ultimately, our senior care lawyers near you in Durham aim to provide you with peace of mind and clarity as you navigate often-complex elder law issues. We take a holistic approach to achieving your goals and evaluate not only your legal needs, but your physical needs, family issues, and other factors that enable us to create a comprehensive solution.

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    How Can Seniors Protect Their Rights and Advocate For Themselves Within the Healthcare System?

    Seniors can take several steps to protect their rights and advocate for themselves within the healthcare system in North Carolina. Here are some key strategies:

    • Stay informed: Educate yourself about your rights as a patient in North Carolina. Familiarize yourself with state and federal laws, such as the Patient Bill of Rights, and understand your entitlements to informed consent, privacy, and access to medical records.
    • Choose a trusted healthcare provider: Select healthcare providers who have a reputation for delivering high-quality care and respecting patient rights. Research their credentials, read reviews, and consider seeking recommendations from trusted sources.
    • Establish open communication: Build a strong relationship with your healthcare providers based on open and honest communication. Clearly express your concerns, ask questions about your health condition, treatment options, and potential risks or benefits.
    • Maintain a personal health record: Keep a comprehensive record of your medical history, including diagnoses, medications, allergies, and previous treatments. This will help ensure that you have accurate information readily available and can actively participate in discussions about your care.
    • Bring an advocate to appointments: Consider having a trusted family member or friend accompany you to medical appointments. This person can help you ask questions, take notes, and serve as an additional support system and advocate.
    • Understand your treatment options: Be proactive in learning about different treatment options and alternatives. Discuss the benefits, risks, and potential outcomes with your healthcare provider, and feel empowered to ask for a second opinion if needed.
    • Review and understand consent forms: Take the time to carefully read and understand any consent forms or documents before signing them. If you have questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask for clarification or consult with an attorney.
    • Report any concerns or violations: If you believe your rights have been violated or if you have concerns about the quality of care, report them to the appropriate authorities. In North Carolina, you can contact the North Carolina Division of Health Service Regulation or the North Carolina Medical Board to file a complaint.
    • Seek legal advice if needed: If you encounter significant challenges or encounter situations where your rights are not being respected, consult with experienced senior care lawyers near you in Durham. They can provide guidance, help you understand your legal options, and advocate on your behalf if necessary.

    Put 35+ Years’ Experience to Work for You with Walker Lambe, PLLC

    At Walker Lambe, PLLC, any Durham elder care lawyer from our firm takes their responsibility very seriously. Our goal is to set you up with the tools you need to navigate the current and upcoming legal issues you and your loved ones may face.

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