The Veteran's Administration has announced a policy change that will soon affect all older veterans and/or their widowed spouses


The Veteran’s Administration has announced a policy change that will soon affect all older veterans and/or their widowed spouses!

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On October 18, 2018, the VA is instituting rule changes that will make it more difficult for veterans to qualify for existing benefits and protect their assets.

Veterans or their widowed spouses who are 65 or older, served during a period of war, have trouble performing tasks of daily living (bathing, dressing, toileting, etc.), and meet certain financial requirements are eligible to receive up to $26,036 annually in non-service connected benefits through the VA to help pay for long-term care, including home health care and nursing home care.

To qualify, most veterans or their widowed spouses will need to work together with their estate planning attorney to create and implement a plan. Proper planning allows the veteran to meet the VA’s income and asset thresholds, without actually forfeiting their assets or being forced to spend down their savings before they could be eligible for benefits.

Currently, this type of planning can be done right up to the day the application is submitted…with the VA’s blessing… because they do not have a formal “look-back period” for asset transfers on the books. But…


Starting on October 18, 2018, the Veteran’s Administration will begin imposing a three (3) year look-back period on all asset transfers. Each transfer or gift will cause a penalty period that could last up to five years before you are able to access your benefits. Other significant changes to the rules are also going into effect.

If you don’t have time to wait for benefits or your family could utilize up to $26,036 tax-free to help pay for your care today or in the future, the time to act is NOW.

What You Must Do Immediately:

  • If you’ve already done your homework on collecting Aid & Attendance benefits but you’ve yet to move forward with your planning...

It’s time to take the final step. Call us at (919) 493-8411 and we’ll get you into the office ASAP. You must get your planning done before October 18 to take advantage of opportunities while they still exist before the new rules go into effect.

  • If you are an older wartime veteran or widowed spouse of a veteran and this is the first time you are hearing about Aid and Attendance benefits...

Please REPLY to this email or call us at (919) 493-8411 immediately. We are making space on our calendar so we can bring in veterans or their widowed spouses for a consultation where we’ll teach you all about this benefit, crunch the numbers to determine how you can qualify, and create a plan to help you get your application in before the October 18 deadline.

  • If you think you might need care in the future...

You need to plan now. You can work to appropriately arrange your finances todayso that when you apply for benefits down the road, you can qualify without a penalty.

If you are a wartime vet or widowed spouse of a veteran (or you care about someone who is) you have no time to delay. We invite you to the office to have questions answered. We’ll work diligently to complete any planning that you may need before the October 18 deadline.

You can simply reply to this email or call us at (919) 493-8411 to schedule your appointment today.

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