COVID-19 Sparks a Surge in Triangle Estate Planning Measures


Essential Workers Facing the Daily Threat of Infection Are Updating Their Wills

Coronavirus cases continue to rise despite our initial beliefs and wishful thinking that the epidemic would be short-lived and well-contained by now. With no end in sight, North Carolina residents in Triangle are planning for the worst.

As CBS17 news reported, essential workers and college students are rushing to handle legal affairs that could arise if they contract the coronavirus. Both groups recognize that their commitments, which necessitate an on-site presence to perform their work or receive their education, leave them facing risk of infection that could jeopardize their life. They’re grimly accepting the inescapable danger attached to their responsibilities and ensuring their legal affairs are in order should the worst-case scenario be realized.

Our own Shirley M. Diefenbach was interviewed for the story and spoke to how she was seeing three of her clients’ children before they returned to school. She was able to assist with HIPAA authorizations and documenting healthcare powers of attorney.

Shirley offered CBS17 advice for everyone who is reevaluating their estate plan. We want to reiterate that information to our Walker Lambe, PLLC clients. When drafting or editing a will, make sure to include:

  • An executor of the will
  • Guardians for pets or children
  • Beneficiaries for your bank accounts or life insurance policies
  • Powers of attorney

Wills may be adapted to reflect your assets and dependents. Contact us to craft a document that reflects your personal situation.

Our attorneys remain dedicated to helping you prepare for the uncertain future COVID-19 has created. Contact our attorneys for a free consultation to discuss your affairs and how we can protect them. Whatever situation the pandemic presents you with, we will be accessible to help you face it.

Reach out to Shirley M. Diefenbach or another one of our lawyers to draft or revise a will. We are available online or by phone at (919) 493-8411.

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